Thank you for supporting

the Carpenteros and Friends

for the past 22 years

A journey marked by God's faithfulness and generous supporters

When the first teams of Carpenteros helped rebuild homes in Pushtan in 2001, they had no idea what sort of journey they were about to launch.  Since then, more than 30 teams have served throughout Honduras, helping to repair schools, improve homes, dig trenches for water lines, and build lasting friendships with hundreds of Honduran families.

But this has been far more than a series of short-term mission trips.  The Carpenteros and Friends have become a 'movement' of compassion, generosity and Christian love.  And while many of the volunteers and donors have never been to Honduras, they have had a profound impact in improving the quality of life for Hondurans living in extreme poverty. 

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Our Mission

Deepening Relationships

The Carpenteros and Friends is a volunteer group dedicated to walking alongside our Honduran brothers and sisters with respect, compassion and dignity.  Carpenteros' teams serve alongside our Honduran guests to improve the homes of the most severely impoverished and to provide essential community needs such as a reliable water supply.  Carpenteros' events help to raise awareness of the needs in Honduran communities and generate funds for projects and programs.

Our Method

Empowering Communities

The Carpenteros and Friends believe that lasting change must originate within the initiative of the local community.  Our Honduran partners have long-established, trusting relationships with the communities they serve.  They equip local leaders to identify needs, establish priorities, take an inventory of resources, and develop a realistic action plan.  Once these steps are taken and a plan is in place, The Carpenteros may provide assistance so the community's vision can become reality.

Our Partners

Faithfully committed

The Carpenteros and Friends serve in conjunction with registered Canadian charity World Renew through its offices in Burlington (Ontario) and Tegucigalpa (Honduras).  Coordination and oversight of all programs, projects and visiting teams is done in partnership with either Harvest Honduras or World Renew its Honduran partner organizations: ALFALIT, Diaconia Nacional, MCM/Stewardship of Christian Ministries, and the Association for a More Just Society in Honduras.